Design Technologies is a small, client-focused consulting firm providing research & design expertise. We specialize in working with teams in high-tech organizations to create a better user experience - from facilitating design meetings to collecting data directly from users. Our deliverables are detailed and actionable. You know you'll be working with an expert and get prompt, reliable design and research assistance.  
Susan Palmiter
Founder and Principal

Susan has 20+ years experience consulting with start-up firms to Fortune 100 corporations in the areas of user experience research & design, customer requirements definition, product planning, design meeting facilitation, usability walkthroughs and testing, user experience process improvement, and competitive analyses. Her latest interests include the use of task scenarios and design rationale to both inform and communicate the customer informed design throughout the product life cycle.  

She holds a BS in Computer Science from Ohio State University and an MS and PhD in Human Factors Engineering from The University of Michigan.

Susan has been a contributing member to the ACM's SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction), the local CHIFOO (Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon), and the HFES (Human Factors Engineering Society). She has numerous publications related to Human Computer Interaction.  Susan has taught a graduate course titled "Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction" course in the Computer Science Department at Portland State University

Prior to the founding of Design Technologies, Dr. Palmiter worked in the Customer-Centered Research & Design Group in Tektronix Laboratories. While there, she was awarded the 1993 Tektronix President's Award for the customer-centered methods she developed and championed to inform product designs that are successful in the marketplace.


Gene Lynch

Gene has countless years of experience consulting on usability and product design and an additional 15 years industry experience in product development and in leading the research, development, and implementation of a 6 phased customer-centered design process for interactive products. He is experienced in tailoring these processes to specific product and organizational needs.

Prior to the founding of Design Technologies, Dr. Lynch was the Director of Tektronix Design Technology Laboratory, where he was responsible for Corporate Customer-Centered Research & Design, Software Tools, Software Process Improvement Program, and Corporate Industrial Design. Dr. Lynch holds patents in graphical input devices and video information control.
He chaired the ANSI/HFS 100 Committee, Co-Chaired CHI'90, has been a frequent technical contributor to the CHI conferences as author, presenter, panelist, tutorial instructor, workshop leader and participant. He was a technical co-chair for CHI'92, and was ACM/SIGCHI¹s Vice-Chair for Conferences from 1993-1998.

Gene has been involved with the design and evaluation of usable web sites since 1993.

Gene holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.