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User Experience Research

User experience research uncovers critical usability issues. It can identify competitive strengths and weaknesses early in product definition, check design concepts, and tune the final product. We can:

  • Perform reviews of concepts and products from a user experience perspective

  • Conduct user experience walkthroughs of concepts and products with design team

  • Structure, conduct, and analyze user experience tests of concepts, prototypes, and products providing detailed recommendation and re-design ideas

Design For User Experience

The user experience should fit with the user’s context and efficiently support their critical tasks. We can:

  • Identify and prioritize critical feature sets and tasks

  • Craft wireframes, rapid mockups or prototypes of structures and components

  • Design and execute competitive product or web site assessments

  • Draft user experience benchmarks

Requirements Analysis


Before you design or re-design, find out what your customers need, how they use technology today, and what's missing. We can:

  • Facilitate structured brainstorming sessions for design teams to identify and prioritize design issues

  • Design and coordinate customer interactions to determine design requirements including techniques such as journey maps, card sorts, day in the life research, and more

  • Conduct customer research to characterize customers and their use domains

  • Construct vision prototypes, personas, usage scenarios, and product road maps from customer data

What Design Technologies does and how we do it.

Meeting Facilitation


A well planned and executed meeting, focused on outcomes and design decisions, can be greatly enhanced by expert facilitation skills. We can:

  • Work with you to plan the agenda and prepare materials to develop road maps, new intellectual property, or resolve design/development conflicts

  • Lead groups to produce desired outcomes in a fun, energetic setting

  • Provide a culminating report containing deliverables, outcomes, media capture, and next steps

Training & Development



​Developers and designers making decisions about the user experience find training to be helpful in the day to day choices. We will:

  • Lead courses to support the transfer of user experience technology and methods to our clients

  • Offer training can take place in a project setting, in an open enrollment course, or on-site for individuals and teams

  • Customize training to meet specific client needs

UX Assessment Research


​Companies are looking for ways to measure the success of their user experience investments. We can:

  • Provide research into metrics that will best match the user experience milestones and measurements required

  • Offer training about metrics and their proper use in assessing UX work

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